Why Foster

Why should you foster a dog through LuvMi?

Why foster care before adoption?

All shelter dogs have some common characteristics to a greater or lesser degree. They have felt abandoned and perhaps disappointed by people, they have been removed from the environment where they grew up and lived before, they have high levels of stress and possibly unmet physical needs, they feel helpless and have accepted their destiny.

Fostering such a dog is an important transitional period before his adoption so you, in cooperation with our team, can prepare him for his new life.

How do you help a dog when you foster him?

  • You help him adapt to the human environment
  • You give him hope, the chance to trust people again
  • You help him get adopted by preparing him for his new home

What do you gain from fostering a dog?

  • You gain the experience of living with a dog, in case you are thinking of adopting one, but you don't know if you are able to care for him and if the dog fits in your lifestyle
  • You gain experience in caring for another person with practical as well as emotional needs, very important experience even if you are thinking of having a child
  • You offer decent living conditions to someone in need
  • You help free some space in the shelter and therefore save a homeless dog who lives in even worse conditions.

How do we help you when you foster a dog?

  • LuvMi's team of volunteer trainers have evaluated and worked with the dog you will be hosting, right from the shelter. In this way, we know his specific needs and the unique characteristics of his personality, so we can guide you accordingly, from the moment you take him into your home.
  • We advise you on ways to meet his needs, we work together to get him familiarized with the environment where you live, we work together on his behavior and teach him new skills useful for the rest of his life.
  • We cover all his expenses, all his accessories, food, supplements, blood tests and grooming.

Loving a dog is just as important as caring for him. You put the love in and we help you give your foster dog the care he needs. We offer our support at every step you take during the fostering period and we help you feel confident that everything will work out in the best possible way.

Foster a Dog