Yes, you can learn how to love

I found Tequila in the middle of a street outside of Kalavryta city. She was almost 2 months old and couldn’t even walk; she was a living skeleton and so thin that I wasn’t even sure she was a dog. The vet told me that she wouldn’t survive and my parents told me the same. The first few days were really hard because I had to help her go to the bathroom, her legs were so weak. At the same time I found myself suddenly unemployed in the middle of winter. I didn’t have money for heating, but had a very good ski jacket that I wore around the house. I kept her like a child in an inside pocket, close to my heart with an open zipper for her to breathe and look at me, to calm down. She knew that I would save her; I knew that we would make it.

Over the next few years she became an integral part of me. Walks, treats, countless hugs, many games, abundant patience after work when she claimed my undivided attention: all these amazing moments shaped me as a person and really made her part of my family.

However, we had some difficult times too, like when we found out she had the parasitic disease of leishmaniasis. Syrups, tests, tears, no emotional stamina and once again my friends and family telling me that the dog won’t make it. Yet once again we made it through, by following all the directions we were given and most importantly by having faith and deep love for each other. Since then we had some other tense moments that we thought would be the last, but I guess by now you know they weren’t. We made it. And we keep on making it.

My Tequila is now around 8 years old. She loves sleeping on the couch, eating anything you give her, being pet on the neck and hearing sweet words about how beautiful she is. She likes playing but her endurance is definitely not the same after everything she’s been through. She likes watching the cars passing by from the balcony but not bikes, which for some reason drive her crazy. She doesn’t trust new people easily and whoever tries to get close to me has to go through her first. When Tequila says you’re okay, then and only then can you be a part of my life. She isn’t the most joyful dog you will ever see, she is really selective and seclusive. But I’ll add that she has every right to be like that.

We trust each other so much, we always look into each other’s eyes and we love each other deeply and honestly. I’ve learned so much from her and I know one thing: becoming the person she thinks I am is the most beautiful and meaningful thing I’ve ever done for myself. Because yes, you can learn how to love. Adopt a dog and you’ll know what I mean!

I’m Tzo Ganopoulou! I’ve studied music production and radio and also enjoy creative writing.
I have been blogging for some years now on the topics of writing and music. I love good humor, nothing makes me smile like the scent of jasmines and I believe that my dogs are the best in the world. https://tzolem0n.wordpress.com/