Success Story

Orfeas, you are our inspiration!

Orfeas was an “emergency case” for LuvMi: With multiple delays to our next event caused by COVID-19, we simply couldn’t let him continue to wait in his shelter. His life there was very unhappy: he was always sad and reserved, bullied by the other dogs in his cage and was only content while cuddling in the arms of the volunteers, which he did every chance he got.

Orfeas was found tied to a tree with a bowl of dry food next to him when he was only a year old.
He was moved to a shelter where he stayed for 3 years; while some other dogs were adopted during that period, no one showed any interest in him, despite his sweet and obedient nature.
We knew we had to get involved and get him out of the shelter asap, which is exactly what we did after mediation with the shelter.

His first stop was to our vet for an examination. Blood tests revealed that he was healthy and he began homeopathic treatment to overcome the effects of his long-term incarceration.
His appetite picked up and the addition of vitamins and supplements to his diet helped him to get stronger. He went for long walks, became more socialized and even became more handsome than he already was as his wonderful character began to unfold.

Unsurprisingly, many people then offered to adopt him after his positive transformation. While we thank them all from the bottom of our hearts, ultimately we gave Orfeas to the family that, according to our judgement, suited his personality and temperament best. All four members of his new family attended two sessions with one of our positive trainers to better understand how to treat him, and they gave the dog all the time he needed to feel safe and ready to bond with them. Additionally, they had our practical support and all the advice and help they needed during the period of his adaptation.

We knew it wouldn’t take long for them to bond and become inseparable, and indeed it happened quickly: Orfeas is no longer a sad and lonely pup in a cage; he now lives happily ever after with his new family!

Mission accomplished 🙂 We are ready for the next challenge!!