Ηappiness at first sight

The story you are about to read is dedicated to our dog Marley and expresses our need to share his journey with you. It’s a simple story, written spontaneously and with a lot of emotion, representing all that Marley has contributed to our life from the moment he walked into it.

Marley first appeared in our lives 7 years ago when we found him outside an animal welfare association; we were going there to adopt a dog. He was small, freezing and scared, however he courageously locked eyes with us. Most people would describe it as love at first sight; we call it happiness at first sight! We felt so much love, so much joy and so much affection for this little creature, but at the same time adopting him carried so much responsibility.

Things were not always easy. But with an abundance of love and some patience our little “tramp” transformed into a real “lord.” He abandoned his habit of chewing everything in sight and now feels superior to cats, kittens and even other dogs. Certain elegant female dogs are excluded, to those he expresses his utmost admiration.

He is fearless when it comes to expressing his love but is very timid with lightning and thunder. Whenever it rains, he reverts to being a scared puppy that asks for shelter in our hug — and he always wins it. When the storm subsides, Marley again becomes the strong guard dog who is always ready to protect us. For example, he goes a bit mad when we swim, due to the fact that water is not his favorite element!

We could speak for hours about our dog the way anybody who enjoys the company of such a good friend would do. However we would like to end our story by focusing on the most precious thing we gained from this relationship: the emotional ability to care, nurture, and to lovingly give and take.

My name is Varvara Kouneli, I studied agriculture at the Agricultural University of Athens and am currently a PhD candidate at its agriculture laboratory. Soon I will be responsible for the digital marketing of the new brand by Giannis Drymonakos and I am a fan of travel, water sports and beach volleyball.

My name is Giannis Drymonakos, a Greek swimming champion, a graduate of the Gymnastics Academy, and a fitness instructor in two private schools. I am also an entrepreneur managing my own swimwear and clothing ID brand.