At LuvMi we help shelter dogs find a family by taking them into foster care, training and reintegrating them into our society. Our approach is always positive and we ensure in every possible way the happy end of the dogs we undertake.

For every dog that we take out of the cage, we cover complete blood tests, medical expenses and medications, positive reinforcement training, food and all the necessary accessories for a comfortable stay in their foster home. Of course, we provide for these dogs for as long as it takes for them to find the right family. We never return the dogs we undertake to the shelter.

LuvMi is a Non-Profit Organization and is funded exclusively by individual contributions from people like you. We do not receive grants or funding of any kind. Every action we take, every dog we support, every life we save, depends on your generosity and support.

Become part of this effort. Regardless of the amount you offer, your donation will help us save more wonderful adult dogs, dogs that are waiting patiently for their turn in the shelter. Because we know that love does not fit in cages.