This is Fenia, the sweetest and most discreet dog there is!

Fenia is 1.5 years old, 18 kg, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and had a full blood count – she is very healthy!

Fenia lived as a stray with her sister Myrto and they were found when they were still small puppies.. They grew up together in the same shelter cage and had to be separated a few months ago, when her sister found a foster home first. Now it is Fenia’s turn to shine so she came out to look for her family. She is fostered by 2 young women in their home in the center of Athens, learning to cope and walk around in this noisy city. She enjoys the attention and the care she gets and she is getting stronger and bolder every day.

Fenia has impeccable manners and is very quiet at home, she does not destroy anything or make a mess. She does not pull on her leash, she still gets scared though with sudden noises and unexpected incidents, something we work on with positive reinforcement training. She can stay by herself at home and when you leave the house she has no separation anxiety. She gets close to people easily, loves to cuddle and she really enjoys human contact. She is very smart and cute. She likes to sit and gaze out of the window and although she loves food and treats, she will not bother you when you eat.

Fenia is a tender, shy little girl, very fragile and brave at the same time. She is looking for her parents in order to feel safe, secure and get all the love she has been missing since the day she was born.

She is available for adoption only in Athens.

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