Collaboration LuvMi & Friends of Animals and Humans

In order for these dogs to be here today and claim their place in your heart, a whole chain of love has been created. The first link in the chain, the association of volunteers “Friends of Animals and Humans,” learned what was happening in the house of the animal hoarder in Stylida and did not remain idle, they were not afraid of getting involved. They acted methodically and, by order of the prosecutor, heroically rescued 27 dogs from her hands. That is, those who managed to survive. Then several people stepped up to the challenge and adopted some of them. And others who offered to foster the rest, transforming them with their love and care. Thanking and honoring all the previous links, LuvMi arrives as the last link in this chain for some of these amazing dogs. Our positive trainers took the necessary steps to help them adapt, prepare them for their final homes and, of course, we will provide them with any further training, help, and advice that the families that will love and adopt them will need. Because love always conquers darkness.

We give these little heroes the family and life they deserve.