About LuvMi

About Us

We are the mediators, the facilitators, the “matchmakers” if you like, assisting dogs and humans alike in their quest for true love

LuvMi is a non-profit organization that fills the gap left by city municipalities and animal welfare organizations that fail to adequately care for stray dogs, resulting in many amazing pups being left to languish in shelters. Our goal is to highlight the value of the hundreds of adult shelter dogs in Athens and to give each and every one of them the opportunity to be loved.

Our signature action? The pop-up event! These events are adoption parties, full of smiles and anticipation, promotion of the participating dogs, information for the future adopters, and also a great opportunity for the public to become acquainted with our organization. These events enable the dogs to meet their potential adopters, but to ensure a positive outcome, the dogs must be ready for a new beginning. This is why, prior to the pop-up events, they are fostered in a home, receive positive reward training, socialization and their emotional balance is restored.

For a dog that has spent years living in a cage, moving to a cozy home and receiving positive engagement from a volunteer is the best gift he could have until finding his future family. For prospective adopters, adopting a dog from a shelter becomes easier than ever, because they will adopt him after he has already overcome any psychological / behavioral problems caused by his incarceration and his true character will have emerged.

Through its work, LuvMi helps break down all of the existing prejudices towards shelter dogs, who live behind bars while dreaming of a warm hug. Of course we still continue to dream of a world without strays and shelters — a world where all dogs will have their own family and the love they deserve.

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